An Indigenous basket-weaving tradition keeps a Philippine forest alive

  • Traditional handicrafts like the Pala’wan Indigenous people’s tingkep woven baskets are deeply tied to local ecosystems; experts increasingly understand that supporting traditional practices can aid conservation by creating incentives for keeping forests intact.
  • Efforts to support tingkep weavers have been undercut by the COVID-19 pandemic, which has dried up tourism in Palawan as well as reduced disposable income for many potential buyers, dramatically slashing the demand for the handicrafts.
  • At the same time, climate change is already affecting the forests from which tingkep weavers gather materials.

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Illegal logging in Philippines’ Palawan stokes fears of a mining resurgence

  • Since November 2020, Indigenous people have observed trees that have been illegally felled within a mining concession in southern Palawan, an island in the western Philippines.
  • The forests are sacred to the Indigenous Pala’wan people, who have for decades fought against plans to mine the area.
  • Against the backdrop of loosening restrictions on mining both nationally and locally, Pala’wan leaders and local NG0s say the logging could be a precursor for a resurgence of mining.
  • The concession holder has denied any link to the illegal activity, while the government’s mining agency has said it wasn’t done at the company’s initiative.

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Popular opposition halts a bridge project in a Philippine coral haven

  • The Philippine government has suspended work on a bridge that would connect the islands of Coron and Culion in the coral rich region of Palawan.
  • Activists, Indigenous groups and marine experts say the project would threaten the rich coral biodiversity in the area as well as the historical shipwrecks that have made the area a prime dive site.
  • The Indigenous Tagbanua community, who successfully fought against an earlier project to build a theme park, says they were not consulted about the bridge project.
  • Preliminary construction began in November 2020 despite a lack of government-required consultations and permits, and was ordered suspension in April this year following the public outcry.

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Banner image of a coral garden in Coron, Palawan by Shawn Landersz via Flickr.

Get to Know Yamang Bukid Farm, Palawan’s Saved Sanctuary

Over the past few years, Puerto Princesa City in Palawan has soared in popularity, thanks in large part to the natural wonder declaration of its underground river and the discovery of its white-sand beaches. And if you’ve been to this city many times, chances are you think you’ve seen it all. But what if there’s more to Puerto Princesa than those in the tour packages you availed before?
For starters, you can treat yourself to a rural getaway to Yamang Bukid Farm (YBF) in the city’s outskirts. A popular agri-tourism destination accredited by the Department of Tourism (DOT), YBF offers lots of opportunities for you to experience rural life in Palawan. Here you’ll find ample green space to leisurely roam and explore everything it has to offer. Check out below the five things that make Yamang Bukid Farm a must-visit.

This Palawan Attraction Marries Culture and Environment Perfectly

          A municipality brimming with ecological and cultural attractions, Brooke’s Point, Palawan in the southern part of the island is waiting to be included in your travel bucket list. Located 190 kilometers away from Puerto Princesa City, this first-class farm town can be reached in four hours through a van ride.
         Whether you want to immerse yourself in its indigenous cultural communities at the mountains’ foothills or explore its waterfalls deep in the forests, you’ll surely have a good time here. Excited to have an authentic travel experience at Brooke’s Point, Palawan? We’ve listed below the things to see, things to do, and things to buy when you visit this emerging eco-cultural destination.

Picturesque Parks in Puerto Princesa Perfect for Leisurely Walks

If your summer itinerary involves going to Puerto Princesa, then taking a trip to these parks where locals usually hang out should be at the top of your list. Whether you want to eat street food, try cycling, learn about local history, or just lounge by the bay as the sun sets, you’ll surely enjoy your experience in this city with simple yet memorable ways.
Truly a nature-friendly city, Puerto Princesa offers green spaces where you can recharge and reconnect with nature. As you go through the list of the locals favorite parks below, you will surely realize why Puerto Princesa is among the top options to go to for people who want to slow down and take in life at its best.

What To Do on a Rainy Day in Palawan

Picture this: You have been planning to spend a vacation in Palawan for the longest time. So you spent some of your hard-earned savings to make it happen, researched in depth the island tours and beaches you will visit, and take some days off work. Then you finally get to the island, and it’s all you thought it would be—except that it’s raining. What should you do now? There are many great answers to this question, but one thing to not do is pack up and leave!
Aside from its popular island hopping tours, the province offers a variety of things that can keep you entertained even on the gloomiest of weathers. So, while waiting for the gray skies to clear, here’s what to do on a rainy day in Palawan. Try these activities to make the most of your stay!

Historic Places: Famous Landmarks in Culion, the Island of No Return

Once the world’s largest leper colony, Culion had been infamous for earning the monikers “Island of the Living Dead” and “Island of No Return.” Approximately 200 nautical miles southwest of Manila, Culion’s remoteness was deemed strategic in preventing the spread of the disease that affected hundreds and thousands across the country in the early 1900s. No one dared to go to this place during those dreadful years, aside from dedicated health workers who played pivotal roles in the healing of lepers who were sent there for treatment. But when it was declared leprosy-free in 2006, this island town in northern Palawan has since sprung back to life.
Now rising as one of the vibrant eco-historical destinations in the province, travelers keep coming back to Culion to learn of its rich yet grim past, explore its historic places, and bask in its underrated natural wonders. It’s definitely an ideal add-on to your Coron getaway since it’s just a three-hour fast craft ride from the said bustling tourist town. In Culion, you are treated to some peace and quiet as you travel back in time with the welcoming locals. For a few of its must-see historic places, check out our list below.

Pandemic lockdown gives Philippine province time to rethink planned split-up

  • The coronavirus pandemic has halted a planned vote on whether to split up the biodiverse province of Palawan into three smaller ones.
  • Those in support of the proposal say breaking up the country’s biggest province into more manageable constituencies will allow officials to better address poverty and development issues.
  • But critics say it will exacerbate bureaucratic bloat, allow the ruling elites to grab more power, and harm both the management of natural resources and welfare of indigenous peoples.
  • They say the argument that the province is too big to properly manage is flawed, given how officials have largely been able to execute pandemic responses, and that the real issue is political will.

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8 Go-to Shopping Malls in Puerto Princesa for Locals, Tourists

Gone are the days when shoppers in Puerto Princesa City used to frequent same old convenience stores. Now, it’s a totally different scenario. With the city getting more and more urbanized over the years, it comes as no surprise that shopping centres have been on the rise, too. And for a good reason! Shoppers have a lot of choices nowadays, and it’s up to them which to visit depending on their varied interests and needs.
We’ve listed some of Puerto Princesa City’s interesting shopping malls you may want to check out soon. Read on to know more about them!