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Environmental Journalist

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About ME

Keith Anthony S. Fabro is an award-winning environmental and agricultural journalist, as well as an environmental science researcher and translator based in Palawan province, known as the Philippines’ last ecological frontier. He is dedicated to illuminating the complex relationship between environmental challenges and human society. Specifically, Keith delves into the profound sociocultural and socioeconomic impacts of climate change, biodiversity loss, and other pressing environmental concerns. In his work, he strongly emphasizes the pivotal role that local communities play in addressing these critical issues and firmly believes that involving them is essential for fostering sustainable solutions.

Over the past eight years, Keith has covered various marine and terrestrial environmental issues in Palawan and other parts of the Philippines. His work has been featured both locally, through platforms like Rappler and Palawan News, and internationally, through publications such as Mongabay, Eco-Business, China Dialogue, and Channel News Asia. He has received story grants from esteemed organizations, including the Institute for Climate and Sustainable Cities, Internews’ Earth Journalism Network, American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative Philippines, and Climate Tracker. 

In 2023, Keith’s multimedia story highlighting the mangrove conservation initiatives in Palawan was a finalist for the Environmental Impact Awards category of One World Media in London. Recently, he was named 2022 Agricultural Journalist of the Year by the Philippine Agricultural Journalists, Inc. As a contributor, he was part of  The Pangolin Reports: Trafficked to Extinction (2019) and Oceans Inc. (2021) cross-border projects of the Environmental Reporting Collective, and was a co-recipient of the following:

The Pangolin Reports:

Oceans Inc.:

In 2015, Keith completed his BA in Mass Communication (Journalism) at Palawan State University (PSU) as a full merit scholar of the Philippines’ Commission on Higher Education. He took professional education units at PSU and passed the licensure exam as an English major in 2022. Currently, he is pursuing his MS in Environmental Science (Protected Area Management) at the University of the Philippines Los Baños. Keith was awarded a thesis grant by Nestle Philippines for a socio-ecological vulnerability assessment of the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, an ecotourism destination that experienced severe impact from Super Typhoon Odette in December 2021. Additionally, he serves as a Philippine case study writer for a distant water fishing research project funded by the UNDP and implemented by the UK-based global affairs think tank, Overseas Development Institute.

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Judges' comments: A remarkably detailed and harrowing expose. Superbly presented and expertly coordinated across the reporting team. Fantastic work. An in-depth investigation of impressive scope on an important conservation issue. A great example of what can be achieved by pooling journalistic resources around the world. I loved everything about this package -- the writing, the ambition, the presentation. It took a subject about which I'd read a few stories in the past and completely opened my mind to what's happening -- which is the definition of excellent journalism. The global piece was deeply informative; the writing from Rappler was superb; and R.AGE's telling of the story as graphic novel was a tour de force.
About the award: This award honors newsrooms and companies who have formed partnerships or collaborations to cover a topic or story with a digital focus. Entries should include documentation from each partner in the collaboration and partnership, covering the contributions from various entities that made the collaboration a success. A winning entry should show creativity and innovation through a partnership that resulted in outstanding journalism and unique storytelling approaches using digital media.
Judges' comments: A well-written report that draws on in-depth investigations across multiple countries to reveal the full story of the illegal pangolin trade. Written by a team of 28 journalists from Africa and Asia, it weaves together a series of narratives to shed light on the impetus for the trade, who is doing what, trafficking routes, methods used by traffickers, law enforcement actions to stop them and gaps in both our knowledge and efforts.


Environmental Journalism

I write in-depth articles that shed light on nature-based and community-led solutions to pressing environmental issues in the Philippines.

Publication Layout & Design

I design attractive print and digital promotional materials that effectively communicate brand values and encourage client engagement. 

Social Media Management

I handle Facebook and Instagram pages to help organizations increase online visibility, improve clients’ trust and loyalty, and drive sales.

Technical Communication

I produce technical reports like ecotourism and cultural development plans, cultural profiles, project proposals, instructional materials, etc.


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I would like to congratulate Keith on his brilliant contribution to the Oceans Inc. investigation from the Pag-asa Island perspective. Keith's work really enriched the reporting on our first piece in the series, Fishers on the Frontlines, which explores how fishers across the South China Sea have been impacted by IUU fishing and the ongoing maritime territorial dispute.
Ian Yee
Executive Director, The Environmental Reporting Collective
I worked with Keith on the award-winning Pangolin Reports. His contributions from Palawan for Rappler were not only great reads, but also highlighted how environmental reporting is directly linked to issues of governance in a very insightful and compelling way. This is what environmental reporting should be like! Keith was a great team member and always eager to help and collaborate, braving the odds to get a great story. I hope I get to work with him again soon.
Co-founder & Former Executive Director, The Environmental Reporting Collective
Keith is a diligent journalist who has a good grasp of the contextual background of the issues he’s reporting on. I couldn't have done well my Mongabay special story entitled, "Hits and misses for a legal tool to protect the environment in Philippines," without his help.
Multimedia Journalist & Teaching Assistant, HKU Journalism and Media Studies Centre
KA authored a fantastic feature article about our organisation and project for in 2019. Trusting he can deliver, I engaged and tapped KA to work on a number of freelance writing assignments. He's very approachable and accommodating to changes and recommendations. His outstanding output reflected his high level of professionalism and passion for his craft. If you're looking for an environmental communication assistant who's detail and deadline-oriented, I would absolutely recommend KA as your go-to guy!
National Geographic Explorer & Programme Coordinator of Community Centered Conservation Philippines
As my student, Keith exhibited an inquisitive mind and would like to know more about the facets of journalism in an in-depth manner. Whereas others would simply take everything as is, he would like to raise questions about critical journalism issues in the Philippines as well as around the globe...He outshined his other peers in other areas of schooling with his remarkable writing skills and the ability to articulate at a higher level than most college students.
Rhea P.
Professor, Palawan State University
In Palawan News, Keith was a lot of help to the editorial team as his submitted stories had made significant contributions to Palawan’s progress. The facts and details of his news reports were carefully strung together to ensure that people reading would understand what the stories were trying to impart. He showed exemplary dedication in delivering the news to our readers, making sure that only correct and validated stories are released and shared. He accomplished all the tasks he was given with great initiative and a positive attitude despite the hardship in often dealing with news sources.
Managing Editor, Palawan News
As one of his college professors in journalism, I have seen how Keith developed not only the technical skills, but most importantly the values expected of someone eagerly wanting to be part of the media industry. He was a diligent student. He never missed deadlines. And, I am confident that he is not the kind of person who settles for mediocrity. His outputs in my class before, particularly the case analyses, were professionally written— very comprehensive and well-researched.
Mark Joshua Arista
Professor & Former University Extension Services Director, Palawan State University
I met KA in one of my video production projects. I’m amazed at his body of work. Collaborating with him as writer and producer is easy. He is fast when it comes to conceptualizing topics and responding to feedbacks. He’s more than willing to share his ideas, and is on-point and will never keep you guessing. Freelance writers like KA is truly an asset to any company he works with. If I manage to bag big projects again in the future, I will surely choose KA to make my outputs highly valuable.
Cinematographer & Owner, Juantake Productions

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