Historic Places: Famous Landmarks in Culion, the Island of No Return

Once the world’s largest leper colony, Culion had been infamous for earning the monikers “Island of the Living Dead” and “Island of No Return.” Approximately 200 nautical miles southwest of Manila, Culion’s remoteness was deemed strategic in preventing the spread of the disease that affected hundreds and thousands across the country in the early 1900s. No one dared to go to this place during those dreadful years, aside from dedicated health workers who played pivotal roles in the healing of lepers who were sent there for treatment. But when it was declared leprosy-free in 2006, this island town in northern Palawan has since sprung back to life.
Now rising as one of the vibrant eco-historical destinations in the province, travelers keep coming back to Culion to learn of its rich yet grim past, explore its historic places, and bask in its underrated natural wonders. It’s definitely an ideal add-on to your Coron getaway since it’s just a three-hour fast craft ride from the said bustling tourist town. In Culion, you are treated to some peace and quiet as you travel back in time with the welcoming locals. For a few of its must-see historic places, check out our list below.

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