Score Unique Souvenirs at These Local Artisan Shops in Palawan

When going to Palawan, it’s always on every traveler’s bucket list to not only take photographs of stunning scenery but also buy something for souvenirs. From the usual t-shirts and keychains to more unique artisan products worth taking home, the choices at local artisan shops in Palawan are aplenty. Truly, the province has a rich cultural heritage that is seen through its arts and crafts.
By buying local, you’re not only making the artsy in you happy; you’re also supporting these local craftspeople. Since artisanal products are produced in limited quantities using traditional methods and materials, the green advocate in you will also be glad to know that these are created with less impact on the environment. To make your search easier, here’s a list of local artisan shops in Palawan you can check out.

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